"On behalf of our whole TWNAF Egypt team, we are sincerely grateful for the inspirational and informative talk Hunter gave at our conference in Cairo. Her words and ideas have deeply resonated with us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have heard her message. Her passion and energy were contagious, and it was evident that she truly believes in the importance of the topic she spoke about. Her insights and personal anecdotes were engaging and relatable, and we appreciated her willingness to share her own experiences with us. We are grateful for the opportunity to hear her speak." - Bassem Gerges

Book Hunter:


  • How to respond rather than react
  • The power of mindfulness
  • We can't give what we do not have
  • The magic to 180° your parenting conflicts
  • Self-care is not selfish

"I believe that it is possible for us to revolutionize the way we live and parent our children."

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"Her work in this world makes such an inspiring impact."

"Hunter brings a true authenticity when she speaks to moms. She openly talks about her story, her struggles, and her triumphs in Motherhood.

Her demeanor brings a lightness to a room, even when the subject is so fueled by emotion. Working with her has been fantastic.

From planning the event to watching her light up the room with her words, you can tell that her work in this world makes such an inspiring impact."

Dena Farash

"Great job this evening! Thank you so much for sharing your insights on how to be a great human and how to raise great humans every day (starting by being present!)"

Rob Devlin
Executive Director Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools