As we go about our daily lives, we constantly interpret the situations we find ourselves in. We have an internal voice that determines how we perceive every situation. By default, we believe what we think , but it’s not always helpful.

In fact, we mamas are so hard on ourselves! We are often much harsher and more cruel to ourselves than we ever would be to a friend, or even someone we don’t like very much, like I was.

But this negative self-talk and self-shaming doesn’t make us more effective or more peaceful parents. In fact, it does the reverse. Shame leaves us feeling trapped, powerless and isolated. When we feel like that, we are unable to have the kind of kind and compassionate kind of presence that we want with our children.

Plus, if we want our children to have self­-compassion, we must model it. If we live with the habit of self-shame and harshness, they will unfortunately pick that up.
So how do we break this pattern? By practicing self-compassion.

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