Mindful Parenting

Stop Yelling

There's a better way to parent now.

Remember when you swore you’d never be that yelling, irritable parent?

Yet how many times have you found yourself dealing with your kids… and the harsh words coming out of your mouth make you cringe?

Do you wonder why you find yourself exhibiting those same harmful behaviors you always claimed to hate?

Ask yourself:

Are you parenting like your authentic, loving self?

Or, are you imitating your culture or how your parents parented you?

Nobody ever said being a parent would be easy. That’s just the nature of the job.

Since parenting isn’t taught in school, all we have to go by are how our mom and dad parented us. And some books. That’s it.

It’s not your fault. It’s not even your parents’ fault. Toxic behavior is passed from generation to generation.

If you're here, chances are you know it's time to change these generational patterns.

Imagine knowing how to handle even the most challenging situations mindfully.

Imagine being surrounded by like-minded families who cheer on your wins and understand your challenges.

Imagine creating willing cooperation from your child, creating a relationship that is strong and connected for a lifetime!

Imagine getting the support and clear guidance you deserve, accelerating your learning.

I'm here to let you know that it's possible. That's why I built Mindful Parenting!

Mindful Parenting Method


Calm reactivity


Reflectively, creating connection


Express yourself honestly & effectively


Be present


Solve problems based on needs

Mindful Parenting Manifesto

A Mindful Parent is a new generation of parent.

Present, Evolving, Calm, Authentic, and Free.

Mindful Parents reject the culture of “not good enough,” knowing that when we free ourselves from stress and limiting stories, our authentic, peaceful nature shines through.

Mindful Parents practice self-compassion and see their challenges as teachers, not flaws.

A Mindful Parent values wisdom over reactivity, empathy over obedience, and begins anew every day.

Mindful Parents live what we want our kids to learn, knowing that the best parenting is in modeling.

Mindful Parents go within and get quiet to access their power.

Mindful Parents:

  • Practice presence
  • Create their experience
  • Embrace imperfection
  • Love themselves

Mindful Parents are motivated knowing that with every step they are changing things for the generations that follow.

I am a Mindful Parent.

Check out What Our Members are saying

Hunter really embodies unconditional love and compassion for the parents! She knows there is not just one way to act (while holding her knowledge of what is shown to work in decreasing suffering), and that each families needs and situations are different.

Valerie Rose

This showed me how to be the person I want to be. And gave me the tools to do that! I don't see why anybody would not do this course!

Tiffany Pereirra

Before Mindful Parenting, my daughter and I were constantly yelling at each other. Now I finally feel my true self. For the first time since I became mom I enjoy motherhood.


About  Hunter Clarke-Fields

Hunter Clarke-Fields is the creator of the Mindful Parenting course, host of the Mindful Parenting Podcast and author of the international bestseller, “Raising Good Humans” and “Raising Good Humans Every Day.” Hunter has appeared in CNBC, NBC, the Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, MOPS, Elephant Journal, Mothering, and more. She is the mother of two active daughters, who challenge her everyday to hone her craft!


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