The thing you need to understand to be a Soulful parent.. Interconnection, the fact that we are not separate from others.Scientifically, we know this to be so. We are complex entities with many millions of microorganisms that make up our bodies. When we look for the place that separates our bodies from the surrounding environment, we find a steady exchange of cells and molecules.

We can see the truth of interconnection with our families too, in many ways. Our children are quite literally, our continuation – they reflect back not only our genetic makeup, but the energy and values we have nurtured in our home environment. They reflect back what we have nurtured in ourselves. I know that many qualities that are difficult for me – my temper, my frustration, etc., are a continuation of qualities in my mother and father. They also modeled how to deal (or not) with these qualities, which they learned from their parents, and so on. I have also inherited many positive qualities from them that I strive to nurture.

If we can water the seeds of joy and peace, in ourselves, and in our home, it is truly the greatest gift we can give.

To be a soulful parent is to know the concept of interconnection in your gut and your bones. Soulful parenting means taking action to practice peace, health, and harmony in you, so that you can shine your truest self. Then your children can do the same –because they’ve seen how it is done.

Conversely, if you practice worry, stress and negative self-talk, they will model that too. We may think we are hiding these things, but our kids pick up on them. Indeed, everyone does.

Each action towards peace is important, changing you, and literally changing the world, person by person.

Stephen Cope writes, “Our actions are infinitely important. They connect us to the soul of the world. They create the world. Small as they may appear, they have the power to uphold the essential inner order of the world.”

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