easy way to make big changes

I couln’t believe that my stoner-friend was jogging. For 16-year old me, that was the kick in the pants I needed to get moving. If she could do it, I could do it.

But could I do it? My first attempt was feeling painful as I neared the end of one block. My lungs burned. I needed a way to figure this out.

Back then I found a method that has helped me make many big life changes. It works for everything from creating a running or yoga habit, to taming self-doubt and self-judgement.

Like all the most valuable teachings in life, it is deceptively simple. 

What is it?

Start small.

I mean, really small.

Back in 1994, I just had to do this running thing. I was in a place in my life where I really needed some self-improvement. I was hanging with a bad crowd. I was smoking and drinking. It was time for a change.

I realized that I could run the space between three telephone poles before it hurt. So I did that, then I walked to the next telephone pole. I kept going for 20 minutes, alternating running and walking. Eventually, I ran the whole block. Then two blocks and then three.

I could feel the difference in my body and mind. And I started to regard myself differently: I was a healthy person.

Twenty years later I still run regularly. Starting small to make big changes works {Tweet it!}

There is a lot of research which shows that small wins are very powerful. Small wins create big changes not only by their additive effect, but by convincing people that bigger goals are within reach.

Starting running showed me that even in the midst of my misery, I could do something positive for myself. Small win by small win, step by step I created a lasting healthy habit.

You can use the power of small wins to create: 

  • A healthy body: Choose to do just 2-5 minutes of yoga, running, or walking three times a week. Set out your mat to trigger your intention. Tune into how good your body feels. Celebrate your small win in a healthy way.
  • A healthy mind:  Set the intention to simply notice when your thoughts turn to negative self-talk. Acknowledge it. Celebrate the fact that you caught it! That is a great small win. Or practice sitting meditation for just 2 minutes a day. Celebrate that small win – that’s an amazing step!
  • Healthy eating habits: Instead of overhauling your diet, add some greens to every lunch and dinner. Pat yourself on the back! Start small for big changes over times.
  • A more peaceful day: Choose one place each day to practice taking some deep breaths. It can be in the car at a stoplight, when you are in line, or before you leave your home. This is a huge small win that will infiltrate your whole life over time!

Now your turn.

Have you made any big changes in your life? Pick one and in the comments below tell us: how did you do it?
Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback, so keep it coming! Have a wonderful week.

Be well,



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