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I was so honored to have this conversation with Nikki Myers.

Through yoga, she overcame enormous suffering with addiction. Now she’s developed a nationwide network that helps others do the same. Nikki has been an addict, a yogi, a mother, a grandmother, an MBA graduate, and a healer… and she has gratitude for all of it.

Her story and her work is inspiring for everyone. Listen for her wisdom and perspective on our issues. Listen for how the tools from Nikki’s Y12SR program helped a mother stop the cycle of abuse.

Finally, listen for Nikki’s own practice and how yoga and meditation have to be a daily habit like tooth brushing for her.

Find out more about Nikki’s organization, Y12SR – Yoga of 12-Step Recovery here.

I hope this episode inspires you to both take care of yourself and go out there and give service to the world. It certainly has for me.

Thank you so much for reading & listening!

With warmth & lovingkindness,


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