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When we start to practice yoga, things begin to change in our lives. First we may start to see our body and all the tension and stress we are holding. Then if we’re lucky, we start to see how we are holding unhealthy things in our minds and hearts as well.

The same could be said of the journey of Leslie Kaminoff. He started out as a young man and was quickly immersed in the transformational world of yoga. 

Leslie is an internationally recognized specialist with thirty six years’ experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. He leads anatomy and yoga methodology workshops for many of the leading yoga associations, schools and training programs in the world. Leslie’s book Yoga Anatomy, was a runaway success.

In this conversation, we talk about Leslie’s experience as a celibate swami, why he stepped down, and the power differential between teacher and student and why it’s not as straightforward as it seems.  Our conversation touches on the controversies in the Jivamukti yoga studio in New York.

All in all, whoever you are you will be entertained by the wisdom and stories of this charismatic teacher. You can find out more about Leslie at his website, YogaAnatomy.org.

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