Re-align Yourself with Nature

The way many of us live leads to a mis-alignment with the natural world – to the detriment of our physical, mental and emotional health.  Are you inside all day?

Research has shown that a connection to Over the Counter Viagra Online nature decreases stress levels and stimulates healing.  Other research shows that exposure to sunshine lowers blood-pressure and improves overall health.  Re-connecting with nature may even make us nicer!

A series of studies posted on the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests that immersion in nature brings individuals closer to others, whereas human-made environments make people more interested in selfish or self interested ends. When you think about it, this makes sense. When you immerse yourself into nature, you get a feeling of being part of a community, of belonging to something “bigger”.

..which is what yoga is really all about.

Artful Yoga Outside!
June 14, 6 PM, Delaware Art Museum
This Friday is your chance to experience your yoga practice in an incredible natural setting. I will be teaching an all-levels class in the beautiful setting of the Delaware Art Museum’s Sculpture Garden.

You can register here, or just show up on Friday!

After class there will be a wine & cheese reception with music in the labyrinth by Beck-Fields.  

Be well,


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