This past Saturday, when I found myself in the middle of a full-day of yoga workshops, an unusual realization came to mind.

I was having a lovely day. It felt good. It felt celebratory. But there was that lingering thought too..

This isn’t how yoga was meant to be practiced.

This way of practice, where I had this one intensive day, or in a likelier scenario, having one class in a week or two – this is not how yoga was meant to be practiced.

The postures of yoga were developed to deepen the human experience through inner inquiry. Yes, they are a rockin’ workout too. But if you want to facilitate a true transformation, a home practice is necessary.

It is at home that true insights occur. Practice yoga at home and you will learn more about yourself than you can imagine. {Tweet it!}

Why is there such a difference?

First off, aside from those rare folks who can get to a yoga studio three or more times a week, most studio-goers do not have a regular practice to check in with themselves.

Yoga was meant to help us calm the chitti-vritti , or chatter and grasping of the mind-body system.  It is only through practicing with our good days and bad that we can start to calm our monkey-minds.

When we develop a regular practice of checking in with ourselves, then we can start to become really attuned to what nourishes us and what doesn’t. IMG_1083_550 Other benefits of home practice:

  • Fit your practice into your busy day. For some of us who go to a studio, that is the only vision of what yoga can be. Your yoga practice can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as you want. I often fit my practice into 20-minute breaks in my day that truly rejuvenate and revive me.
  • You can practice anywhere. You aren’t dependant on a studio, so you can practice wherever you are! And sometimes we just don’t want to be seen by anyone. Home practice gives us the space to do just what we want.
  • Zero travel time. Who wants to get in the car again??
  • You teach your children self-care.  If you have children and you practice at home, they will see you practice and join you sometimes! But more importantly, you will be modeling the essential self-care that you want them to value as they grow up. They will know from you that taking care of ourselves is a priority.
  • You do exactly what you need. If you need to take it easy on yourself, you do. If you want a more vigorous experience, rock on! When you practice at home, you become more attuned to your needs and can meet them.
  • There is no one to compare to. We know that despite our teachers best guidance, we end up comparing in a group setting. It’s just human nature. At home, you really tune inward and focus on self-care.

Whether you practice in a studio or not, home practice is essential for experiencing the true transformative power of yoga.

This Sunday, we will start to gather for the last session of my home yoga immersion, the Daily Practice program. We start with a free first week, so if you are ready to embrace a regular routine of self-care, you should check it out.

Daily Practice is for you if:

  • You want to see if home-yoga is right for you
  • You want to nurture a more positive relationship with your whole self
  • You want to learn the most cutting-edge anatomical yoga.
  • You know that mindfulness is good for you, but don’t know how to start
  • You know that your inner fitness is as important as your outer body
  • You want to model positive self-care and peace for your family

Now, it’s your turn. Do you have a home yoga practice? Do you want one? Tell us about your specific experience in the comments below. Be well, sig


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