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Do you see motherhood as a spiritual practice?

This month is a special Mother’s Day version of Yoga Stories Project. I talk to yogi and “modern digital jedi,” Elsie Escobar from http://elsiesyogakula.com/. She’s a long-time yogi and a mama of two, and wait until you hear what her oldest daughter’s name is!

Some excerpts from our conversation:

Because I knew what it felt like to be really grounded, I was able to see that I wasn’t in the hardest times with my children.

We talked about Attachment parenting. We discussed being receptive and learning to make better choices. Elsie shares her view of sleep as a spiritual practice. And..

I am of service to these tiny beings and it’s necessary for me to get myself together. It’s taught me to be able to mirror that to my children so they can see.

I know that this conversation will really inspire you!

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