Hunter Clarke-Fields is the creator of the Mindful Parenting course, host of the Mindful Mama Podcast and author of the international bestseller, “Raising Good Humans” and “Raising Good Humans Every Day.” Hunter has appeared in CNBC, NBC, the Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, MOPS, Elephant Journal, Mothering, and more. She is the mother of two active daughters, who challenge her everyday to hone her craft!

Bonus: Become the Parenting Mentor You Wish You Had

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Mindful Parenting is at the intersection of mindfulness, compassion, and skillful communication. It’s not just “mindfulness for parents” or “how to respond to your kid,” but those coming together to help parents become less reactive, more connected, and more present with our kids for stronger life-long relationships.

Hunter runs the Mindful Parenting Teacher Certification program, where we train parents to become the parenting mentor they wish they’d had. Why should parents get trained to teach other parents? Here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider it.

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Become the Parenting Mentor You Wish You Had - Hunter Clarke-Fields [Bonus]

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You are listening to a special bonus episode of the Mindful Parenting Podcast. Today we're talking about becoming the parenting mentor you wish you had.

Welcome to the Mindful Parenting Podcast. Here it's about becoming a less irritable, more joyful parent. At Mindful Parenting, we know that you cannot give what you do not have, and when you give calm and peace within, then you can give it to your children. I'm your host, Hunter Clark Fields. I help smart, thoughtful parents stay calm so they can have strong, connected relationships with their children.

I've been practicing mindfulness for over 25 years. I'm the creator of the Mindful Parenting course. And I'm the author of the best selling book, Raising Good Humans, a mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind, confident kids. And now, Raising Good Humans Every Day, 50 Simple Ways to Press Pause, Stay Present, and Connect with Your Kids.

So I'm not going to do our normal intro, but welcome to the Mindful Mama podcast and it is the place to become a less irritable, more joyful parent. Thank you for being here. I am so glad you're here. This is a very special episode, and this episode I'm calling, Become the Parenting Mentor That You Wish You Had, because this episode is about why you might.

Want to consider teaching mindful parenting. So I know you're a parent. This means you have like way too much to do. You're taking care of all the things. You're trying to be the best parent you can for your children. There's so much going on. So why consider teaching mindful parenting? First, what is it?

Mindful parenting is at the intersection of mindfulness, compassion, and skillful communication. It's not just mindfulness for parents or how to respond to your kid, but those things coming together help parents become less reactive. more connected and more present with our kids for stronger, easier lifelong relationships.

And I've been teaching mindful parenting for eight years now. It's helped thousands of people around the world. And we've had teachers who've been teaching it all around the world now. And I run the Mindful Parenting Teacher Certification Program. Where we train parents to become the parenting mentor they wish they'd had, right?

So in this episode, in this short episode, I'm going to share five reasons why you might want to consider checking out the teacher certification program and making this maybe the big next step in your life. So first reason, I'm going to start with the one that has the most benefits for you and your family.

The number one reason is to become a calmer, more skilled parent yourself. Teaching mindful parenting can help you become a calmer, more compassionate parent with more effective communication. This may be something you're working on. What happens? When you learn to teach something is that you dive super deeply into the mindful parenting process.

And by diving deeply into mindful parenting, it benefits your whole family by really helping you become the parent you've always wanted to be through healing, modeling. and improving your communication game. So here's how it works. You learn the most by learning to teach others. And in the process of the teacher training, you can finally transform your own harmful patterns so they really aren't passed on from generation to generation.

You'll also practice positive role modeling because children learn by example. Practicing mindful parenting sets a positive example for all of them. So when parents model mindfulness, less reactivity, more skillful communication, children are more likely to develop their own skills in emotional regulation, self awareness, and empathy.

And then finally, the teacher training process leads to this enhanced communication, right? Mindful Parenting encourages compassionate, effective communication, fostering an atmosphere where children feel comfortable expressing themselves. We also teach win problem solving, which leads to kinder and more effective conflict resolution for the whole family.

This is about you. You and your family are going to truly embody those skills. It doesn't mean you're going to be perfect, and it's okay. You don't have to be perfect to teach it. You can be perfectly imperfect. But as you teach, you really become a calmer, more skilled parent yourself. So that's the number one reason.

Number two, you will help other families improve emotional regulation. So it is the deepest joy to help others. And mindful parenting helps parents become less reactive. So as teachers and coaches. We help parents become aware of their emotional triggers and patterns of reactivity, right? So by paying attention to their thoughts and their emotions without judgment, we teach parents to identify the specific situations or behaviors that tend to trigger reactive responses.

And this awareness is the first step toward change. You can teach parents techniques in to regulate emotions, right? Through mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, parents can learn to calm their emotional responses. This helps them avoid outbursts or overreactions when they're faced with stressful or challenging parenting situations, which we know they will be.

We all are. Oh my goodness. And then finally, you can help parents really break the cycle of overreacting to minor issues. When parents are more in tune with their emotions and triggers, they are less likely to escalate a situation unnecessarily. This leads to a more peaceful and harmonious family environment, and who doesn't want that?

The number three reason you should consider the Mindful Parenting Teacher Certification Program is that you will make a difference doing work that serves a higher purpose. When you teach Mindful Parenting, you are not just doing some extra work to bring in some extra money for the family, although you are doing that.

You are changing the world by helping people heal from the inside out. So many problems on a national and global level stem from individuals inability to regulate their emotions and to solve problems effectively. So you can be part of the solution. This is like a real higher purpose. This is very meaningful work.

Teaching cdc. gov

You, as the teacher, become part of a great movement that is evolving parenting. Your work will help foster a more compassionate and empathetic society. And as parents, we can throw ourselves into our children. However, not only is our own need for fulfillment and higher purpose vitally important, it actually benefits our kids to see us doing meaningful work in the world.

If you want to make a difference, consider becoming a mindful parenting teacher. So it's doing work that really makes a difference that serves a higher purpose. The number four reason that you may want to consider becoming a mindful parenting teacher is that you're going to be able to witness positive changes in your students families and love what you do.

When you teach mindful parenting, you become a force for positive change in your community. The work you do shows parents a path for strong, connected relationships for life, and you help reduce parent child conflicts in the short term as well. And as a teacher, you get to witness these amazing positive changes.

I can't tell you how fulfilling this is, because I see this all the time. And oh my goodness, it makes me so thrilled to be able to watch this. So you will do this. You'll watch as families in your community. Reduce parental burnout. Mindful Parenting helps parents take better care of themselves, both physically and emotionally.

This can prevent burnout and exhaustion, allowing parents to be more present and engaged with their children. Parents will thank you because Mindful Parenting can help children learn to regulate their own emotions and behaviors. They're more likely to develop self control, patience, and the ability to manage stress effectively.

Witnessing these changes in other parents and families, it really gives an amazing sense of joy and fulfillment. You can get paid to experience this. It's amazing.

Stay tuned for more Mindful Mama podcasts right after this break.

And then the number five reason that you may want to consider becoming a Mindful Parenting teacher. is that builds greater resilience and compassion in the next generation. Children raised by mindful parents often develop greater emotional resilience. They learn how to cope with life's challenges and setbacks in a healthier way, which can serve them well throughout their lives.

Your choice to teach mindful parenting can make this happen for your own kids, and your own family, and the kids in your community. Plus, it's not just the immediate benefits, right? Mindful parenting sets the stage for kids long term growth and well being. Children raised in mindful environments are more likely to grow into emotionally intelligent empathetic adults.

You're really building greater resilience and compassion in the next generation. That is powerful. Teaching mindful parenting can lead to happier, healthier families and individuals. You can be the one who equips parents with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of parenthood more effectively, while also supporting the emotional and psychological well being of your own children.

And their children, right? It's a win situation because one, you help families in your community, yay. Two, you master the skills of mindful parenting in your own family, yay. And three, you earn money doing work you love. Woot! Yes. So each year, myself and my co presenter, Suzanne, we lead passionate parents through the Mindful Parenting Teacher Certification Program.

The people who do this program, they range from teachers and therapists to parents who are passionate about this work and have just learned from their own experience. Maybe that's you too. I invite you to go to mindfulparentingcourse. com slash teach. That's mindfulparentingcourse. com slash teach to learn more about the certification.

We have limited spots because we only do this with small groups. And with lots of one on one coaching time, but go to mindfulparentingcourse. com slash teach, learn more about it. And if you think this is right for you, apply and really make a difference. Make a difference in the world, make a difference in your own life.

Make a difference for your kids. And that's all I've got for you on this very special episode about becoming the parenting mentor you wish you had. If you've got questions for me, feel free to reach out to me at support at MindfulMamaMentor. com. Go to MindfulParentingCourse. com slash teach and learn more about it.

And I wish you a great week. I hope you enjoy this. Special bonus episode and I will be back to talk to you next Tuesday. Thank you so much for listening. Namaste.

I'd say definitely do it. It's really helpful. It will change your relationship with your kids for the better. It will help you communicate better and just, I'd say communicate better as a person, as a wife, as a spouse. It's been really a positive influence in our lives. So definitely do it. I'd say definitely do it.

It's so worth it. The money really is It's so consequential when you get so much benefit from being a better parent to your children and feeling like you're connecting more with them and not feeling like you're yelling all the time or you're like, why isn't this working? I would say definitely do it.

It's so worth it. It'll change you. No matter what age someone's child is, it's a great opportunity for personal growth and it's a great investment in someone's family. I'm very thankful I have this. You can continue in your old habits. that aren't working or you can learn some new tools and gain some perspective to shift everything in your parenting.

Are you frustrated by parenting? Do you listen to the experts and try all the tips and strategies, but you're just not seeing the results that you want? Or are you lost as to where to start? Does it all seem so overwhelming with too much to learn? Are you yearning for community people who get it, who also don't want to threaten and punish to create cooperation?

Hi, I'm Hunter Clark Fields, and if you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to seriously consider the Mindful Parenting Membership. You will be joining Hundreds of members who have discovered the path of mindful parenting and now have confidence and clarity in their parenting. This isn't just another parenting class.

This is an opportunity to really discover your unique, lasting relationship, not only with your children, but with yourself. It will translate into lasting, connected relationships, not only with your children, but your partner too. Let me change your life. Go to mindful parenting courses.

MindfulParentingCourse. com to add your name to the waitlist so you will be the first to be notified when I open the membership for enrollment. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. MindfulParentingCourse. com

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