Are you on the path of wholeness? That’s what yoga is all about. It’s in the definition: the word yoga means to “yoke” together. In this case, body-mind and spirit. Wholeness. Peace. Ease in ourselves. That’s why we practice mindfulness and yoga: to practice wholeness for at least a few minutes in a full day.

Today on the podcast, I have a conversation with yogi Coral Brown. If you’ve glanced at a Yoga Journal cover over the last few years, you’ve probably seen her face.

Who is she? A holistic psychotherapist and student and teacher of Prana Vinyasa, a very flowing form of yoga.

We go deep into the heart of yoga in our conversation, discussing everything from non-duality to the koshas (Don’t know what that is? Listen and find out!). We also talk about how the chakras line up with western psychology’s stages of development – this part is so cool!

Plus, you’ll actually hear us sing the “Rhode Island” song (we’re both native Rhode Islanders)!

Learn more about Coral at She’ll be at Namas Day in Philadelphia this year!

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