This podcast is going to be a special gift for mamas who are pregnant or were recently pregnant.

Desiree grew up with her family immersed in the spiritual side of yoga. At six she was drawing the Om symbol!

She watched her mother abuse prescription drugs. She eventually learned to embrace and not reject her mother.

“We are our mothers,” meaning that mother is teacher. She believes that we choose our mothers to learn a particular lesson in this lifetime. We choose our parents to find our dharma (or path) and find our own level of service.

“When we have children we birth ourselves again as parents.”

Desiree suggests looking at children as souls that have their own path and chose us to come through. It’s a moms duty to be the best she can be.

On the motherhood journey we realize that children are our teachers.

We talk about pre-natal yoga and have a frank discussion of childbirth and pelvic floor issues. Desiree says mamas can slow down and let go of perfection. She encourages pregnant mamas to find that sense of stillness and listen to their inner voice

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