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Many hard-working women out there are questioning whether they deserve to put time or resources into caring for themselves. Are you one of them? We women have this tendency to give and give and give. Then we turn around and think we are selfish for investing in ourselves. We women often undervalue ourselves and our contributions.

There are some pretty big problems with this – for ourselves and for our community.

1. Burnout. Women put out tons of great work into the world, either out in the larger community or serving in the more intimate community of our families. Women’s efforts help children, the elderly, the sick, and the suffering. Women create and help run businesses that move our economy. Our efforts get things moving, but we often have trouble saying no and letting things go.

To give, give, give until you are spent doesn’t serve you or the world. Ultimately, your work, your health, your relationships suffer when you don’t take care of yourself first. Burnout is not a fun place to visit for anyone.

2. Underdeveloped potential. When women don’t value themselves enough to invest time or resources into self-care, they are not giving the world their true potential. When you become stronger, healthier, and more powerful, your whole world benefits. You are your most important asset, and you can only give your best by becoming your best. Paradoxically, taking time for yourself can make you a better parent, a better worker, and more productive as you get clear and grounded in yourself.

And for mothers who always put themselves last, who are not sure that they are worth it, there is a larger reason to invest in self-care.

 3. Your children. If you haven’t realized it as a parent yet, you soon will that parenting is all about modeling. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. It’s your underlying beliefs that your children absorb. And guess what? If you believe that you aren’t worth it, they will grow up to believe the same thing about themselves.

Besides, they need you to be at your best. If you are anything like me, your crankiness comes out when you are tired, burnt-out, and feeling unhappy in your body. When we feel good, we can be fully present and engaged. We can respond rather than react.

It’s funny, our consumer culture has convinced us that we deserve so much stuff – that these clothes and electronics will somehow complete us (wrong!). But when it comes to spending our most valuable asset, our own time, on ourselves – we feel like we don’t deserve it.

But the thing is, we all deserve it. We deserve a good relationship with ourselves – mind-body, and spirit. Life is so short, we deserve to feel the best we can and enjoy life as fully and mindfully as we can. We deserve to shine our light so brightly that we light up our lives and lead the way giving others permission to shine theirs.

You deserve it.

I hope that my sharing helps you! Deep down, do you believe you are worth it? Please share your answer in the comments below.

Be well,



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