Anna Seewald, M.Ed is a Parent Educator, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Host of The Authentic Parenting Podcast. She has a private practice that specializes in parent education, where she provides one-on-one parent coaching, parenting, court-ordered, and co-parenting classes.

254 How to Cope With 2020 

Anna Seewald & Hunter Clarke-Fields

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year with the global pandemic, multiple crises, the election, remote learning, and more. We’ve all had to deal with multiple disappointments and anxieties. Today I talk to Anna Seewald about 10 ways to cope with this difficult time. We end this episode with a guided Ideal Future meditation to help bring hope and positivity into your vision.

How to Cope With 2020 - Anna Seewald & Hunter Clarke-Fields[254]

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