61 Mindful Parenting Module 1

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Get a taste of what the Mindful Parenting course is like by listening to the actual first lesson of the course!

“I have read lots of books in the past but the program was more helpful; having lesson plans, something new to work on every week, listening to the audio and realizing we all have similar experiences, using the meditation practices and minimal yoga practice spontaneously. It’s a wonderful and valuable experience.”

– Sapna

Mindful Parenting will give you all the tools you need to be the calm, loving and compassionate parent you were born to be.

You’ll finally be able to replace those harmful legacies passed down in your family through generations with authentic and mindful parenting that comes from your own heart.

I’ll show you how to obtain permanent peace in your home through loving communication skills, which leads to more cooperative and happy children.

You’ll learn how to solve even the most stressful conflicts mindfully and create strong and healthy family relationships.

And…once you enroll, you’re in it for life! You can join the live course again and again to support your learning in the future. Mindful Parenting becomes your conscious parenting tribe.

Go check out the Mindful Parenting course now!

Module 1 of Mindful Parenting [61]

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