Dr. Natasha Beck MPH, Psy. D is a parenting expert and founder of Dr. Organic Mommy, an online resource focused on pregnancy, parenting, and non-toxic living. With over 56K loyal and engaged followers who look to her for real-world advice on raising children, Natasha is now known as @dr.organicmommy.

332 Resolve To Eat Nutritiously 

Natasha Beck

We all want to have our growing kids eat nutritious foods and develop good eating habits, but sometimes it feels like a lot of work. Seriously, I dream that my fairy godmother will magically grant me a personal chef that will make kale that my children love to eat.

So, I reached out to Dr. Natasha Beck, “Dr. Organic Mommy,” to come talk to us about how to get our kids to eat better.

Resolve To Eat Nutritiously - Natasha Beck [332]

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