Jeanne-Marie Paynel, founder and CEO of Voila Montessori, is a Montessori Parenting Mentor and Home Consultant. She guides expectant parents, caregivers and parents of young children to prepare their homes and themselves for their children to thrive during the first years of life. 

143 Simplify with Montessori at Home – 

Jeanne-Marie Paynel

What do Jeff Bezos, Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs, and Anne Frank have in common? They were all educated in the Montessori system. The Montessori approach to children has been time-tested to be incredibly effective. Want to learn more about how to bring a taste of Montessori into your home? You’ll learn how with today’s podcast guest, Jeanne-Marie Paynel, of Voila Montessori. 

Simplify with Montessori at Home - Jeanne-Marie Paynel [143]

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