Today’s inspiring interview is with Suzanne Sterling, singer, performer, founder of Voice of Change and co-founder of Off The Mat Into The World. I’ve been listening to Suzanne’s music for weeks on end here.

She began with the philosophy of yoga in high school. When she began with physical postures, her first yoga teacher was Judith Lasater. Then, at Yoga Works she was “the girl who cried in class every day,” because it brought up so much emotion.

Listen to how she went from being a blues  singer to performing kirtan, or devotional music. “When we come together and sing, something amazing happens.”

Suzanne creates sacred rituals and ceremonies to bring a sense of the sacred to different situations. Understand why singing together is transformational from the inside out. And why Suzanne creates environments were people are given permission to celebrate the sacred and  sing together.

Learn why anger isn’t always bad, but it’s often misdirected. If we don’t understand where our own triggers and coping mechanisms are, we won’t be very effective. Understand how your coping mechanisms effect your ability to speak your truth.

We talk about conscious activism and where yoga and activism cross over and what it has to do with power.

Hear about the importance of creative expression and why perfectionism is damaging on so many levels. Hear her tips on how to share your voice!

You can find out more about Suzanne at her website Learn more about Voice of Change here.

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