From the beginning, my “spirited” daughter needed a lot, and we responded to her needs. We nursed, co-slept, and wore her everywhere we needed to go.

But there was something else she really needed that meant putting her out of her comfort zone a little: a happy and sane mama.

Parenting such an intense baby left me out of balance – my emotions swinging wildly between frustration and elation.

Yet even though I knew I needed that time to take care of myself, it wasn’t easy taking time for me. I had to get her used to childcare at my local YMCA. Self-preservation and mama-sacrifice often butted heads!

But I knew that when a mama isn’t grounded, her child’s well-being suffers.{Tweet it!} As parents, we show our children how to live by what we DO – they model us.

For example, we can tell them to be respectful to us, but if we aren’t modeling it by treating them with respect, it won’t matter.

It’s not what we say that matters in parenting as much as who we ARE and what we do. {Tweet it!} In the scale of the globe, the community, and the family, we have to become the change we want to see.

Which is to say that if we always put our children first, if we always sacrifice our own needs, then that is how are children will learn to be: they will not value themselves as being just as worthy as everyone else.

Many mamas mistakenly think that self-sacrifice is a worthy ideal.

Instead, children need their parents to show them how to live with peace in this crazy world – showing them how to care for themselves and care for others.

Mindful mamas must practice self-care. That’s why I’m so happy to share my best mindfulness tools with you in the last session of my 28-day immersion into yoga for self-care. Registration will open this weekend (so sign-up here to be informed).

I truly believe that we can make mindful parenting and mindful living a movement. As you and I become the change we want to see, mindfulness spreads.

The #1 thing you can do for your children is to be on your own path to well-being – to demonstrate healthy, mindful living. We can show them calm and peace. We can practice deep listening and gratitude. We can practice simplicity, taking care of our anger, and mindful communication.

Do you agree? Let’s get the conversation started! In the comments below, tell me what you want to teach your children, and how you can practice it more yourself?

Be well,


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