Last Friday night my daughter and I returned from a 5-day mindfulness retreat lead by the venerable teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, whom Martin Luther King Jr. nominated for a Nobel peace prize in 1967.

It was such a wonderful, nourishing experience for both of us, with many lessons to take away. There is too much to discuss in one blog post, so I will be sharing what I took away from Blue Cliff bit by bit.

Thich Nhat Hanh returned to the theme of “watering the seeds” several times during the retreat. He teaches that we all have a “store consciousness”  where we hold the seeds of positive and negative feelings. Events in our day may water the seeds of anger, fear, resentment, etc. and cause those feelings to arise. But we also have the seeds of peace, compassion, and joy within us as well.

We can choose to actively water the seeds of peace and joy throughout our day. How?

  • Returning to your breath. We can stop and take a few seconds to take 3 deep breaths many times throughout our day, becoming aware of the nourishing and healing qualities already within.
  • Consuming mindfully. When we watch t.v., listen to the radio, read a magazine, etc., does it water our positive or negative seeds? Even some conversations may be detrimental. We can choose a media diet that nourishes our capacity for peace and joy.{Tweet it}!
  • Actively counter negative thoughts. We all have defeating, complaining, and judging thoughts throughout our day. However, we don’t have to succumb to them, and can actively counter them. For instance, if your children are driving you crazy, stop and breathe, then water the seeds of gratitude – “I’m so grateful that my children are healthy.”
  • Take care of yourself. Practice some yoga (even a little helps!).{Tweet it}! Read an uplifting passage in the morning visit page (This is a great one). Eat wholesome food that makes you feel great, and give thanks for it. Practice smiling!

For me, writing this blog is one way that I can help us water our good seeds, and nurture more peace and well being for you, dear reader. I encourage you to practice watering more of your positive seeds right away.

What about your own life?

What things do you do on a regular basis to water your good seeds? As always, the discussion can begin below.

Thanks for reading! 

Be well,

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