This is my mat rolled out at the YMCA…

..and yes, you can see that it is right in the gym – with the radio, the t.v.s, and the many gym-goers around me.

At one time I felt like I had go on the machines and lift weights -until I saw another friend and yoga teacher practicing right there in the gym.  I had perceived limitations that what I should do the same thing as everyone else, and she helped me to break out of that box.

While the weights other exercises are healthy for the body, my yoga practice makes me feel not just good but amazing. I leave that busy gym absolutely buzzing with energy, body open, but at the same time, grounded and peaceful.

Being apart from the crowd is worth it because practicing self-care through yoga has changed my life.  Yoga not only makes me stronger and more flexible, it also re-aligns and lubricates my spine, lowers my blood pressure, and makes me sleep better at night.

Yoga helps me release stress and anxiety, elevates my mood, and definitely makes me a more loving and present parent.{Tweet it!}  For all of these reasons, and more, I choose to make practicing yoga a priority in my life.

Now I want to hear from you.

What things do you like about yoga? Tell us in the comments below!

Be well,


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