Right now many of us, including myself, are with our families celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because, despite marketers best efforts, it focuses us on the simple act of appreciating the abundance in our lives.

Some of us are blessed with easy family gatherings filled with warmth. For others, family gatherings are a trial to be endured. Most of us have a bit of both – we love the warmth of family, but we can be triggered by old habit energies – responding to our family members from these old habits rather than from our highest self. However, if we make an intention to practice bringing peace to the table, we can change the energy in the room just by our presence.

Here are some of my tips for a peaceful Thanksgiving:

Use a mantra. Write this down and put it in your pocket during the big day: “I will respond with peace to my family.” Repeat it often to bring yourself into your intention. When we change our thoughts, we change our actions and our presence. Try it! You will feel the difference.

Pause to practice. Before you sit down to the table, take 3 deep, calming breaths. Pause during the meal to do the same. Pause to breathe at several points throughout your day – before you drink a glass of wine, before you speak, before you drive your car, etc.

Morning yoga. Take at least 10-15 minutes to practice some gentle yoga in the morning, and then sit quietly for a few minutes. Grounding yourself will do wonders in helping you to stay at your highest self all day. This self-care is an essential ingredient for this meal.

Peaceful blessing. Speak your gratitude out loud before the meal. I like the practice of inviting all the table members to go around and “wish peace” for someone. It’s a great way to involve all ages in the table blessing.

Turn off the TV. The game might be important to some guests, but speak up about having the TV off during the meal. This allows us to give our attention fully to each other.

I hope that these tips help. Please let me know if they do! I know that I will be practicing too. I wish you peace for this holiday time.

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