63 Which Parent Are You?

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Picture yourself in this scenario: it’s early Spring. You are walking to the park with your child on one of those warm days that feels like a gift. Winter jackets home on their hooks, you feel the fresh breeze on your arms.

Now take the same setting, but this time you are pre-occupied with your thoughts…

Your daughter tugs at your hand to go look at a worm. No, you say, you have to get going. You take your phone out of your pocket for a quick check to see if there have been any incoming emails since your walk began.

You are barely aware of your surroundings, caught up in your ruminating thoughts. Your relationship with your child has narrowed down to getting her from here to there, another to-do.

The differences in these two scenarios are clear even though these situations might look alike to the casual observer.

We can see from these scenarios and our own lives that rumination and getting lost in anxieties take us away from what’s real in the here and the now.

Happily, we have clear ways to become more present. Mindfulness practices help us to gain more control over our minds rather than be controlled by them.

Why practice to be present? The benefits include more focus, decreased stress, increased self-regulation, better sleep, a better immune system and more.

For me, the most important reason is so I can show up for my family and life without all the layers of anxiety and depression that used to stop me from living fully. I am more aware of the beauty in my world. I can really be there to love my children.

Step-by-step instruction and support is exactly what you get when you first start with Mindful Parenting.

More than just an online course, it’s a deep-dive into self-awareness and skillful communication. You’ll learn tools that will improve every relationship in your life (including with yourself!).

And…once you enroll, you’re in it for life! You can join the live course again and again to support your learning in the future. Check it out here

Which Parent Are You? [63]

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