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Have you ever had someone sing to you in a yoga practice before?

I met Natalie Levin when she not only sang, she sang opera to my class at Philadelphia’s Namas Day (Psst..there’s even more opera at the end of this podcast!). Natalie embraces resting, acceptance, gratitude and glitter in her yoga teaching and practice. We talk about rest, God, and dealing with difficult things. Be warned: we also laugh – a lot- in this conversation.

Some snippets of our conversation? We talk about how opera-singing, excitement-junkie Natalie found yoga.

We discuss Ashtanga yoga and I tell the story of my ego-driven injury.

We talk about rest and worthiness. And the gifts of teachers such as Pema Chodron (Here’s a link to an essential Pema Chodron book that I highly recommend).

We talk God and glitter. And Natalie is into some serious glitter. Check it out:


To find out more about Natalie and when she is teaching, head over to her website, NatalieLevinYoga.com.

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