YSP_balancing instability

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Are you feeling life’s waves right now?

I’ve been reeling from the waves — all wonderful things! 

Even with desired events and happenings, the lack of regular rhythm can drag you down. How do we deal with this?

For me it was this: First we had this amazing vacation to Ireland (blog post coming next week!). Then home for a week. Then off to Rhode Island for family events, 4th of July, and my 20th high school reunion (yikes!). Then back home for a week. Then my mom and niece visit for a week.

Add to that the lack of sleep and normal routine, and there has definitely been some crabbiness in my house.

(Yet – aren’t they cute?)

tea summer 2016

In this solo podcast, I share some wisdom from the yoga and mindfulness traditions that will help you find balance in an unstable time.

Learn the how we can take lessons from the very definition of yoga and even from the physical practice to create your own equanimity

What is your biggest takeaway?

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With warmth & lovingkindness,