Sexuality educator Amy Lang has helped 1000’s of parents around the world become their kid’s go-to birds and bees source. Amy is a Mom’s Choice Award Winner for her book & video and the host of Just Say This! an advice-column style podcast offering parental guidance for the birds and bees talks.

268 Birds & Bees: How To Protect Your Child 

Amy Lang

This is a conversation so many of us put off. Perhaps, it’s the uncomfortable memories we have of having an awkward conversation with our parents, or maybe it’s a conversation our parents never even had with us. However, this is the single most important conversation that we should be having with our kids. How and when we should be having these conversations? How do we keep our kids safe online? What is “normal” in sexual development? Amy Lang, Parenting & Sexuality Educator, breaks it all down for us, providing strategies and resources to help make this conversation a basis for further open communication.

Birds & Bees: How To Protect Your Child - Amy Lang [268]

Mentioned Resources 🡮

Books – all are here.

Birds and Bees talk

– It’s NOT The Stork (2 – 4 yo)

– It’s SO Amazing (4 – 11 yo)

– It’s Perfectly Normal (11+ – and you if you are feeling rusty!)

Porn management

– Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Jr (4 – 8 yo)

– Good Pictures Bad Pictures (8+)

Body safety

– Consent for Kids (8+)

– C is for Consent (5 – 8 yo)

– Protecting the Gift (adults)

Monitoring and parental controls: Circle – this link will give $20 off 

Info about keeping kids safe out in the world.

Help for adults:

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