Mike Huggins was unhappy but financially comfortable at his corporate job. Seeking out yoga for a bad back, he discovered a passion. But then everything went downhill, fast. He and others in his company were charged with a corporate misdemeanor. He lost his job. He spent over 2 years awaiting trial. Then the worst happened.

For the first time ever on this podcast, Mike Huggins speaks the story that changed his life drastically. He shares how yoga was his salvation during the nightmare of being locked up. He shares how he took this nightmare as an opportunity. Now he’s transforming people’s lives. People who everyone else had given up on. I hope this session inspires you as it has me!

Here are some of the links to things we talk about in this episode:

Transformation Yoga Project – the non-profit Mike has founded.

Street Yoga – where Mike learned about teaching yoga to students with trauma.

James Fox’s – Prison Yoga Project, a book and organization which helped him.

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