Dr. Gertrude Lyons is a Master Life Coach and Relationship Expert with over 20 years of experience. Through her Rewriting The Mother Code initiative, which challenges the traditional notions of motherhood and womanhood, Dr. Lyons has challenged the myths surrounding womanhood, mothering, and challenges the very notion of what it means to be a mother.

318 Rewrite The Mother Code 

Dr. Gertrude Lyons

Why do our needs, much less wants and dreams, seem to be secondary to the needs, wants, and dreams of those around us? Today, I talk to Dr. Gertrude Lyons, a professional life coach, host of the mot(HER) podcast, and founder of the Rewriting The Mother Code initiative. Dr. Lyons asserts that all women have a “mother code” instilled in them—the current model for mothering in our culture is broken, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can use motherhood as a transformational journey, to grow ourselves, as we grow our children.

Rewrite The Mother Code - Dr. Gertrude Lyons [318]

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