Between the three of us we have 15 kids from the ages of 2 to 20.  As moms, we each parent differently, allowing us to share differing viewpoints on a myriad of motherhood topics.  Though we differ in technique, there are many things that we agree on; one of which is the knowledge that motherhood is the most important role in our lives. 

316 Rocking Different Parenting Styles

Andrea Nielson, Beth Millward and Camille Ward

Do you ever look at other parents and wonder how you measure up? Today, I talk to the hosts of the podcast, Family Looking Up, Andrea Nielson, Beth Millward, and Camille Ward. Three very funny women, with very different upbringings, and very different parenting styles. We talk about the struggle of comparison, appreciation for others, and accepting ourselves for who we are.

Family Looking Up with Andrea, Beth and Camille [316]