I often think that yoga is exactly what we need today. Why? To put it simply, it comes down to this equation:
exercise + mindfulness = stress relief and well-being.
And it works. How great do you feel, mind, body, and spirit, after an inspiring yoga class?

1. Exercise Most of us have pretty sedentary lifestyles that revolve around a lot of computer time, and then we sit to relax by watching TV! As a culture, we are out of touch with our bodies and not getting enough exercise.  A vinyasa flow yoga practice can torch calories, strengthen your core, and increase your flexibility and balance.

Already an athlete? Yoga can help you recover faster after workouts, open up tight areas that hinder performance, and improve your range of motion. Regardless of who you are, if you are practicing with awareness of your body’s needs, you will feel better, sleep better, walk better, sit better, and oftentimes eat better.  .

2. Mindfulness When we begin our yoga practice, we learn to have a gross, or outer awareness of our bodies (I put my foot where?). Once we figure out what goes where, we become mindful of subtler movements and muscles that aren’t as obvious.  Along the way, our awareness of the breath develops and helps to deepen our practice. Finally, we go further inward to practice awareness of thoughts and emotions. We learn to place our attention on the breath and in the body each time the mind wanders – which is exactly how many practice sitting meditation, but in motion (refer back to reason #1). Increasing our mindfulness leads to greater peace of mind, reduced stress, feeling grounded, and better focus.

What does your yoga do for you?  The discussion can begin below! Thank you so much for reading!

Be well,


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