This time of year can be crazy-making! Somehow, from a desire to make it a time of magic and connection for our families- we end up with too much to do, and lots of pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect. Self-care gets pushed out of the day.

But it is precisely when life gets busy that we need to make time for self care.



The reason why self-care should be a high priority goes back to the root of what we desire: connection and magic: A regular practice connects us inwardly to our true selves. Body-mind and spirit are nourished, allowing us to have the presence and energy to make the holidays truly meaningful rather than an almost never-ending list of to-dos to be checked off.

When our practice falls by the wayside, we find ourselves at holiday gatherings frazzled, unhealthy, and inwardly disconnected. How can we bring our best selves and really share a meaningful experience with our friends and family in that state?

How to keep up your self-care during the holidays:

  1. Aim for 10-minutes each day. I find it’s best to wake up earlier than my family to have time for gentle yoga and stillness. Make this time screen-free.
  2. Simplify. Let go of some to-dos..seriously! Better to be really there for what you are doing. Don’t go to every event.
  3. Eat a little better. Aim for 2 glasses of water at each holiday event – to keep your clarity.Take time for some deep, slow belly breaths to connect with how your body feels. This really helps in knowing what feels good.
  4. Be choosy about your media. Cultural messages keep saying the holidays are all about the stuff and the look (for ourselves, our home and our children). Refuse to take in that message by turning off the t.v. and inviting in media that supports your goals.
  5. Think about how your want to feel. Each day, for each event, focus on how you want you and your family to feel, rather than the details and the trappings. 

December 25th is a special day to remind us that each day on earth is a holy-day. Let’s try to remember that together.My biggest challenge is switching from the “getting-things-done” mode to being present with my kids. I want to know, what is yours?

As always, the discussion can begin below!

Be well,sig

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