What is your current yoga practice?


Some of my students make it to class several times a week, many make it at least once a week, and there are lots of yogis, like myself, who make it to a class infrequently.

If you’ve been practicing for some time, or if you are just getting going, developing a home practice can be a profound and positive change for you.

Research has shown that exercise is a “keystone habit,” which means that it can cause widespread changes for the better.

Of course, there are obstacles – the perceived lack of time, lack of motivation, and more.

But the benefits of a personal practice go deep, and include:

  • a greater understanding and connection to your body
  • stress-relief
  • pain-relief
  • a joyful and healthy beginning to your day

As with any habit, to develop a home yoga practice it is important to start with a small change.

Developing a personal practice can be a joyful change and long-lasting too – just follow these guidelines:

  • A small change.Start with just 5 minutes in the morning!
  • Set up a trigger. Lay out your mat the night before as a reminder
  • Focus on starting. Begin with just 3 sun salutations. Anything beyond that counts for bonus points!
  • Enjoy your practice. Your practice will wake up your body, mind, and spirit. Focus on the positive benefits.
  • Be accountable. Tell another person about your practice. Tell me on my facebook page! It increases the likelihood that you will stick too it.

Once you have established a habit, you may want to add on to your 3 sun salutations. I like to begin every day with cat/cow , a gentle twist, and figure 4.

The guiding principal of a home practice is that you should do what you like – what feels good in the moment. Don’t push, make it about enjoyment and connection with your body. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

Do you have a home practice, or do you want one? What does it look like? As always, the discussion can begin below.

Thanks so much for contributing your thoughts and sharing this with your friends! I’m so grateful for my readers.

Be well,

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