Who is my unlikely yoga teacher & What is this new kind of yoga? If you have practiced yoga with me, you know that this style of teaching is different. It’s not called Core-Strength vinyasa because we are working towards rock-hard abs. Core-Strength means that each movement originates in the center of your body and with your breathWhen I discovered it, I went to a workshop given by a yoga rock star. I was skeptical. I left totally blown away. I could feel the truth of it in my body. I changed the way I taught the very next morning. It has made me stronger, and released the shoulder, neck, and lower back tension that more traditional yoga practice had created in me. Now you get to meet my unlikely teacher, Sadie Nardini. The way that she has taken the knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics and put it into vinyasa flow is unparalleled.  And yes, she does currently rock a red mohawk. She is herself and that doesn’t change the truth and power of her teaching. Check her out at SadieNardini.com.